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Preaching & Leadership
November 13, 2023

Josh Buice joins Michael Staton

Preaching, Leadership, and Ministry Longevity - Oct 2, 2023
Alistair Begg joins Michael Staton

The Christian and Culture
August 23, 2023
Virgil Walker joins Michael Staton

Sermon Preparation and Serving God's People
May, 2023
Scott Ardavanis joins Michael Staton
Scott shares highly practical wisdom about sermon preparation and how to better minister to God's people. He also shares helpful pointers relating to staffing and providing leadership to those who serve in the church.

Church, Culture, and the Need for Godly Men
November 6, 2023

Owen Strachan joins Michael Staton

The Christian & the Puritans
September 18, 2023

Joel Beeke joins Michael Staton

The Christian and Spiritual Disciplines
May, 2023
Don Whitney joins Michael Staton

The Pastor and Leadership
May, 2023
Dr. Jack Graham joins Michael Staton
Jack  Graham is the Senior Pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church where he has served for many years. In this conversation, Dr. Graham discusses the challenges and also the joys of leadership in the local church.

The History & Ministry of Grace to You
Monday, May 1, 2023

Phil Johnson joins Michael Staton
Phil Johnson takes us behind the scenes and walks us through the early beginnings of Grace to You and how the Lord has grown the ministry through the years. You'll enjoy hearing how God has done an amazing but wholly unexpected work through the preaching ministry of John MacArthur.

The Church and Theological Training
Monday, May 8, 2023
Al Mohler joins Michael Staton
Dr. Al Mohler is the President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and the host of The Briefing, a daily podcast to help Christians think biblically through the cultural issues of the day. Dr. Mohler joins Michael to discuss how churches can train people for ministry and the healthy relationship that needs to exist between the local church and seminaries.

Staying at One Church for a  Ministry
Monday, April 17, 2023
Tommy Nelson joins Michael Staton
Tommy has been the Pastor at Denton Bible Church for nearly 50 years. In this conversation, Tommy talks about keys to a long-term ministry, obstacles to overcome, and how his preaching has changed through years of a long pastorate.

What Makes Good Preaching
Monday, April 3, 2023
Tom Pennington joins Michael Staton
Tom has been the Pastor at Countryside Bible Church since 2003. In this conversation, Tom talks about his weekly study schedule, three key elements to good preaching, and dealing with discouragement in the Christian life.

Monday, March 6, 2023
Paul Twiss joins Michael Staton
Paul Twiss is the teaching pastor at Bethany Bible Church in Thousand Oaks, California and serves as Assistant Professor of Bible Exposition at The Master’s Seminary. He joins Michael to discuss the role of a lead pastor and ministry within the local church.

Preaching with Joy
Monday, January 30, 2023
Jesse Johnson joins Michael Staton
Jesse is the pastor of Immanuel Bible Church in Springfield, Virginia. In this conversation, Jesse speaks about how he prepares to preach, shares helpful insights for those who do preach, and talks about how to minister during days of discouragement.

Culture and the Christian
Monday, January 9, 2023
Virgil Walker joins Michael Staton
Virgil Walker serves as the co-host of the Just Thinking podcast and is the Executive Director of Operations for G3. He shares his thoughts on challenges Christians face in today's culture as well as how we can embrace the moment and make a difference for the sake of the gospel.

The Christian and Reading
December, 2022
Tim Challies joins Michael Staton

The Life and Ministry of RC Sproul
December, 2022
Nate Pickowicz joins Michael Staton

The Role of Music in the Church
November, 2022
Bob Kauflin joins Michael Staton

The Value of Church History
November, 2022
Dustin Benge joins Michael Staton

Preaching Eshatology
October, 2022
Mark Hitchcock joins Michael Staton

Dealing with Discouragement & Criticism
November, 2022
Phil Johnson joins Michael Staton

Preaching Theology
October, 2022
Mike Riccardi joins Michael Staton

Ministry in the Local Church
September, 2022
Josh Buice joins Michael Staton

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The Importance of Growing in Theological Precision
August, 2022
Dr. Adam Harwood joins Michael Staton

The Pastor as Reader and Writer

August, 2021
Dustin Benge joins Michael Staton

Christian Courage

James Coates joins Michael Staton

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