(April 16) Is it ok to sing in the mornings? -- Meditation on Proverbs 27:14

Are you a morning person? I know some people that love for the alarm to go off, in fact, they usually awaken before the alarm even sounds. They get up happy, excited about the day and ready to bring you into their arena of joy. For them, there is nothing better than the morning’s sunrise, and they often express their delight by whistling, singing or incessant talking.

Are you not a morning person? Some people wake up in the morning as though they have just heard the most depressing news of their life. For them, sunrises are not attractive; the day is not “the first day of the rest of their life” and the only thing that can make them feel worse than hearing the alarm clock sound is being around someone who is so happy to be awake!

Proverbs 27:14, at first glance, is an odd verse. It says, “He who blesses his friend with a lo