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(Dec 26) The Day After Christmas...

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

And so, another Christmas comes to a close. For some, the reality didn’t live up to the anticipation. For others, the “big gift” bombed; maybe the children weren’t as grateful as you wished; maybe you feel depressed after looking at everyone’s “perfect” Christmas on Facebook and Instagram (hint: NOBODY’S family, house, or life is perfect); maybe you are feeling the post-Christmas blues; maybe you feel lonely; maybe you feel exhausted; perhaps you didn’t get everything you wanted, maybe you didn’t get anything you wanted; maybe your first Christmas without your loved one was even harder than you thought it would be. Any or all of the above may be true. But know this...the real meaning of Christmas is that God is good, He offers salvation to the world, and hope is available. Rest in those truths this Christmas. The details of our lives are imperfect, sometimes dreadfully so. But the message of the season is that God's grace covers our sin and puts broken people together. So I pray you experience the nearness of the Lord and find rest in the love of our Savior Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas!


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