(Dec 8) Lessons from the Life of Mary

To be sure, the focus of the Christmas story is Jesus, and He is the only character in the story worthy of worship. Yet there is much to be learned from the others who played a role in the unfolding drama of Christ’s birth. Mary, for example, serves as a faithful lesson of trust in the Lord, even when God’s plan doesn’t seem to make sense.

We must remember that Mary was thrust into a very difficult position. In an instant, her trust in the Lord was tested, her emotions unsettled, and her social standing, precarious. Indeed she was given an incredible privilege, but not one without significant struggles. If she was presumed to have been unfaithful to Joseph, he had the right to divorce her at the very least and to condemn her publicly if he so desired. Mary’s own family could have rejected her and essentially left her with a lifetime of begging for survi