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(June 15) "Do You Want Me to Turn the Water Off?"

"Do you want me to turn the water off?" This was the question my wife asked me as she called my phone today around noon. This time of year I am usually working my sprinklers each evening trying to help my grass flourish in the midst of high temperatures and low amounts of rain.

After hearing her question, I replied. "No, you don't need to turn it off. I didn't run them today." She rebutted that I must have turned the sprinkler on this morning before I left for work because the sprinkler was, in fact, currently running.

I quickly replayed my morning in my mind and knew with certainty that I did not turn the water on before leaving for work.

Well, it turns out we were both right. I did not turn the sprinklers on this morning...and...the sprinkler was indeed currently spreading water around my yard.

That is when I remembered that I actually had turned the sprinkler on...LAST NIGHT. Yep! My trusted sprinkler had been running for approximately 15-17 the exact same place. I'm guessing that I will have a section of beautifully green grass this next week. I'm also guessing that next month's water bill should be fun.

After we hung up the phone, I thought to myself, "What else may I have forgotten?" That is the difficult part about the mistake of forgetting something; you aren't even aware of the blunder.

Proverbs 3:1 warns, "My son, do not forget my teaching, but let your heart keep my commandments."

The way of wisdom is the way of seeing to it that you do not forget the teaching of the Word of God and the stories of the Lord's faithfulness. We can be so prone to forgetfulness. Doubts creep into our mind and questions arise within our heart. Life gets busy and with the increase of responsibilities, all too often also comes the increase of forgetfulness.

--We forget that the Lord is in control

--We forget that the Lord loves us and cares for us

--We forget that the pain of this world is fleeting and the hurts of this present life are temporary

--We forget that what matters most is not what people think about us, but rather, what the Lord sees

--We forget that we are not responsible to do every single thing someone may expect of us. We just need to do what the Lord calls us to do in His Word.

It is not usually on purpose that we forget these things. We forget them the same way I forgot about turning the water on last night. I got busy. I became distracted. Pretty soon, the water wasn't even a thought in my head. If we are not careful, we will make the same mistake in our spiritual life. We get busy and become spiritually distracted. Then, before long, we realize we have made a costly mistake.

So today, choose to remember the teaching of the Scripture. See to it that your heart keeps the commandments of the Lord. He will be glorified and you will be blessed. Do not forget the teaching of Scripture and remember to honor the Lord in all you do today.


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