(April 11) Fighting Fear -- Meditation on Psalm 56:3

Updated: Apr 16, 2018

I remember the scene like it was yesterday. There I was, sitting in first grade Sunday School class, the very class where my mom taught. Each Sunday after the roll was taken, she would leave briefly to take the class records upstairs. She would promptly return, but for some reason, those few minutes seemed like days. I remember trying hard not to be frightened, thinking to myself, “I’m in church. I am safe. There is no reason to be scared.” Those realities did not change my struggle, and I was still afraid.

Sadly enough, that scene would be played out in my life as a young child over and over again. I would sit in school as a first grader and try with all my little might to not be upset, to not be afraid, but to no avail. My fear may have been completely unwarranted, and quite embarrassing, but it was real…it was very real.