Hope in the Darkness

"The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? Psalm 27:1

David writes with supreme confidence in the goodness of the Lord and His willingness to help those who trust in Him. He utilizes three words to compare the protection of the Lord.


David sees the Lord as his light. In a world filled with darkness, our God is our light. In the dark, it is difficult to move. Where there is no light, we cannot see the dangers that are lurking. For these reasons and many others, David takes heart that the Lord is his light.


God delivers His people. Over and over again, He protects us and keeps us from trouble. In the ultimate sense, though, the salvation of the Lord will be most clearly understood when we pass from this life into eternity. At that moment, we will be kept safe from the snares of the enemy and the darkness of evil forces. The Lord is our salvation, and forever will be.


God is our refuge. He is the strong tower into which we run in the day of trouble. The Lord is our stronghold, our defense, our shelter. We trust in Him, and we find our rest in Him.

There are a few implications of this verse that we need to notice:

1. If the Lord is our light...that will mean that there will be darkness around us.

Do not be surprised or unnecessarily shaken when the darkness of this world is all around you. The schemes of the evildoers can be hurtful, but remember, light shines the clearest in the dark. God has promised to be your light, so do not be caught off guard when you walk through darkness.

2. If the Lord is our salvation...that will mean we need to be rescued

As sinners, our greatest need is the salvation of our souls. In days where you feel frustrated by blessings that others enjoy that you do not, or disappointed by things that have not gone your way, remember that our most significant problem has been settled in Christ.

3. If the Lord is our stronghold...that will mean difficult times will come

The reason one needs a refuge is that attacks are coming. In Psalm 27, David states he does not need to be afraid. The reason for him not fearing is NOT because there is no one coming for him. Indeed some want to bring him down. Instead, the explanation for his courage is because, in spite of those who seek his demise, the Lord God is his stronghold.

So, do not be surprised when darkness, disappointment, and destructive people draw near. Stand firm in the Lord and the strength of His might. He is indeed our light and our salvation.

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