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(June 29) A Promise in the Midst of Disaster

Adam and Eve, while living in the Garden of Eden, have everything they could ever need. Yet, even in the midst of paradise on earth, they fall into sin. The devil tempted them to doubt the truthfulness of God's Word and the holiness of His character. In a tragic moment, they took the bait. They rebelled against their Creator.

You can the daily devotion about the devil's schemes and strategies that lead us to sin here.

The result of Adam and Eve's sin is that they wanted to hide from God. Although the LORD had given them all they needed for life and enjoyment, in their shameful condition, they seek a refuge from among the trees in the Garden in hopes God will not find them. It is in the darkest moment that light of God's grace pierces the blackness.

You can read the daily devotion of how the LORD still called to Adam and Eve and pursued them even in their sin by clicking here.

As the LORD confronts Adam and Eve in their sin, it is clear that everything is about to change. The result of human sin will alter every realm of the created order. The consequences of sin have an impact on the animal realm, the planet, the ground, the serpent, and Adam and Eve. As we also know, the effects of sin continue to this very day and we are not exempt.

It is at this point that the first revelation of the redemptive act of Jesus is given. While God rejects Adam and Eve's attempt to cover their sin, He promises to send a redeemer who will pay the price. That's right. The first mention of the coming atoning work of Jesus is not found in the gospels, not the prophets, not even in the psalms. The first reference to the sacrificial death of Christ is found in Genesis 3:15 which says, "I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.”

Genesis 3:15 is often referred to as the protoevangelium, meaning, the first gospel. While all the details of the cross are not spelled out, two things are given: sin's curse is established and God's provision of a Savior is given.

It is this promise of a Savior that gave the people of God hope for so many years. While sin's consequences are serious and severe, they are not supreme. God's grace is greater.

Maybe today you need to be reminded that sin is a significant problem and something you cannot take lightly. Perhaps you also need to be reminded that God's grace is available to you. The One promised in Genesis 3:15 came to earth, and indeed He has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows.

Adam and Eve sought refuge in the trees -- it did not shelter them at all. Today people seek shelter in all kinds of various places -- they will find the results the same as Adam and Eve. The only true shelter is found in the grace of Jesus Christ. Waste no time trying to hide from the Lord and give no place for the devil's evil schemes. Instead, run to Jesus and cling to His grace and mercy. The One who gave up His own body that your soul could be saved stands ready to forgive and restore.


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