(June 4) Fruit, Jet Skis, Top 40 Music, and God.

Aging is a funny game. It creeps up on you when you are not looking. Just for fun, this evening I decided to look up the Top 40 songs in the US for this week. When I was a child, I loved the radio. I especially enjoyed listening to the weekly Top 40 countdown radio shows. There were three that I made sure to catch every single week: Countdown America with John Leader, American Top 40 with Casey Kasem, and Weekly Top 40 with Rick Dees. In fact, I would listen to all three countdowns every weekend and keep track of the top 5 songs on all three countdowns in a notebook (I have absolutely no idea why I did that!).

So, tonight I looked up the American top 40 for this week -- now apparently headlined by Ryan Seacrest. Of the Top 40 songs, I had heard of exactly none of the