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(June 9/10) The Joy of Corporate Worship

One of the great joys of my life is belonging to a church family. I love to gather with brothers and sisters in Christ each Sunday to sing, study, pray, and fellowship. Belonging to a Bible-believing, Christ-exalting congregation is one of God's great gifts to His people.

As you prepare for worship Sunday morning, consider a few brief thoughts:

1. Go to bed early enough on Saturday so that you are ready to get up on Sunday morning

2. Get up early enough on Sunday morning so that you are not having to rush

3. Get to church a few minutes early -- go and interact with people, meet someone new, help your church become the friendliest place people go each week

4. Participate in worship -- don't just sit or stand there. Rather, sing, celebrate, pray, take notes, engage in worship

5. Prepare your heart BEFORE you go to church -- take some time Saturday night or Sunday morning to quietly read your Bible and pray. Arrive at church with a heart and mind already focused on the Lord.

After you attend worship Sunday morning, consider a few brief thoughts:

1. Seriously consider how you will apply the message -- don't just assume your responsibility ends because you attended church. Make sure to think about how you will live out the truths you were taught from God's Word.

2. Send a note of encouragement to someone who blessed you at church that morning. Maybe you could send a note to your Sunday School teacher, or the teachers in your children's class, or maybe a greeter, or maybe your pastor. Perhaps you could send a note of encouragement to a singer who blessed you. Just find a way to bless those who bless you.

3. Tell other people how you encountered the Lord at church. So many people think of church as just an obligation that must be met each week. Through your words of testimony throughout the week, you can help other people learn what you have learned and come to understand the significant joy of corporate worship.

Psalm 122:1 -- "I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the LORD!”


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