(April 10) You Call this Light & Temporary?

Updated: Apr 16, 2018

Suffering comes in different forms. Sometimes our suffering is physical pain and discomfort. This can be allergies that are not debilitating, but cause a lot of discomfort or it can take the form of dying of cancer in great pain. Suffering can come from the hands of people. It can be as routine as a friend disappointing you or as violent as a man walking into a public place and opening gunfire. Suffering can come from nature. It can be as mild as running over a nail and getting a flat tire or as devastating as having a tornado rip through your neighborhood and leveling your house.

All of the kinds of sufferings mentioned seem hard at the time. If you are struggling with allergies recently, the discomfort is real. It only seems to be minimized when compared to something greater (like dying of cancer). If you have had a friend hurt you recently that pain was real and it stings. It only seems small when you compare it to someone picking up a gun and killing a man for no reason. Flat tires are true frustrations. They cost money, they cost time and never happen in convenient places. Getting a flat is a real p