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(May 20) Dear Graduate,

You have hit a significant milestone in life. What seemed always to be far away has now become very real. As a high school graduate, you are passing from one stage of life into another very wide open season. The joys will be more significant, the victories sweeter, the stakes higher, and the opportunities are greater. For years you knew graduation was coming...and now it has arrived!

In some ways, life will soon be very different. People will look at you as an adult, not a child. It will not be long until you begin choosing a career, making significant financial decisions, perhaps getting married, and considering choices that will shape the rest of your life. Many of you will be moving to a new home, a new city, making new friends, facing new challenges, conquering new fears, and dealing with new expectations.

In other ways, though, things remain the same. Life is still about pursuing Christ, and real success is found in serving others. Those things do not change…ever. Amidst all the new things — most of it exciting — there is a sense in which the most important things never change.

I want to encourage you to be faithful in the things that remain the same. While dealing with that which is suddenly new, do not neglect those things that are unflinchingly unchanged. Spend time with the Lord each day. Be kind to your family. Support your friends. Do your best, no matter what -- not because others expect it -- but because you demand it of yourself. Be thankful. Expect no handouts, yet do seek to give others a hand up. Honor the Lord in all you say and do. These things never change. A truly successful life is built by living with a steadfast commitment to being faithful in the things that never go away.

I pray God’s blessings on your life as you move into an area of exciting changes while doing so with a commitment to be faithful in the things that do not!


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