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3/22/20 - One Question With One Answer (family devotion included)

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Some questions have an impact on your day. Not earth-shattering things, but the answer can put a smile on your face or cause sadness. A few that come to mind are: Will you go with me? Did you remember to turn the water off? Did you remember we have a test today?

Then, there are other questions where the answers are genuinely life-changing. Examples include: Will you marry me? Is it a boy or a girl? Is it cancer?

Scripture, however, records a question that has eternal implications. The question is found in Revelation 5:2, "Who is worthy to open the scroll and break its seals?"

The scroll represents the title deed to the universe. It speaks of final authority and sovereignty. Who has the power and authority to call all things to their appointed destiny, and rule and reign with absolute justice? Who can make all things new? It is a question with eternal consequences.

The news at first is not good. The Bible is clear that there is no angel, no man, no one created that has deceased, nor any man living that is sufficient to do such a thing.

How important is this? John the Apostle, the one who recorded this revelation, begins to weep (Revelation 5:4). Is this world left in the hands of the hostile, the ungodly, the wicked? Is humanity doomed to be destroyed once and for all by terrorists, or fires, or a pandemic virus?

It appears that it may just be the case. Until...

Until Revelation 5:5 declares, "Weep no more!" Why? Because Jesus Himself, the uncreated Son of God, took the scroll and the chorus begins to swell throughout heaven, "Worthy are you to to take the scroll, and to open its seals" (Revelation 5:9).

This answer truly has an eternal impact. Jesus is the King of all kings, the Lord of all lords, and the One who holds all things together. Our world, our nation, our life is not ultimately in the hands of any government, army, or virus. Our lives are held safe and secure in the hands of our Savior.

I urge you to look to Jesus. Look to the One who created all things (John 1:3), the One for whom all things exist (Colossians 1:16), the One in whom all things hold together (Colossians 1:17), and the One with all power and wealth and wisdom and might (Revelation 5:12).

One question: Is He worthy? One answer: He is!

Brief outline for personal or family devotion as a response to Revelation 5

1. Listen to "Is He Worthy" --

2. Discuss these questions:

· Is there anything that makes you anxious or scared today? What is it that makes you afraid?

· Does the lack of control make you feel uneasy?

· How does the truth that Christ is sovereign, in control, and the only One able to exert perfect control over eternity help you view your current struggle? Does the truth of Revelation 5 impact your life today?

3. Look up and Read John 16:33.

· It says that in this world we will have __________ .

· Yet, it says that in Jesus, we can have _________.

· Why is it that we can take heart and not fear? Because Jesus has _________ ____ ______. That is the whole point of Revelation 5 as well. Jesus will rule, and He will reign. We need not fear the unknown because what we DO know is greater than what we do NOT know.

4. Take time to pray (if doing this as a family, allow each person to voice a prayer):

· Thank God for His daily provision and His love for His people

· Confess the things that make you anxious and ask the Lord for help in dealing with them

· Ask for wisdom, strength, and grace to live a life that proves our trust is in Him alone

5. Conclude your time of personal/family devotion by listening to "Turn Your Eyes" --


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