Responding to Tragedy By Preparing for Eternity

The hard reality in this life in which we live is that we are never far from tragedy. We live in a fallen world and are surrounded by an unyielding barrage of heartaches. This is certainly not to say that life doesn't have its fair share of joys and victories -- indeed it does! However, the presence of laughter and celebration never mutes the cries of pain that seem to persist no matter what.

Sometimes it is the death of a global superstar like Kobe Bryant last week that causes us to consider our own mortality. Other times it is the tragic events of someone you have never heard of that makes you stop, take a deep breath, and think about eternity.

Yesterday in the city of Moore, Oklahoma, a driver plowed into a group of student-athletes who were outside running after school. According to news reports, six students were hit by the truck. One precious teenage girl was killed, while the other five were transported to the hospital, where three remain in critical condition.